DK Company’s success is built on the fundamental belief that business relationships are like any other relationship -- requiring effort, attention, honesty, and respect -- in order to be mutually beneficial. In our supply chain of DESIGN – PLAN – MAKE – SOURCE - DELIVER, there are a multitude of relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to our internal staff of operations to our customers and our end consumers. Each and every aspect, department and person contribute value and an essential function to not only complete the process, but also sustain the business. Our primary goal is to constantly develop. Develop ourselves, develop our employees, develop our partners.

This, we believe, is what creates long-term relationships that can weather any storm. That is why we’ve created, ‘The Blooming Concept.’ A new way to identify with our supply chain – understanding what each area represents and how each area affects the process as a whole.


A Win-Win for all. We call it a Win-Win relationship. It’s the idea that the total effectiveness of a group of things is greater than the effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another. DK Company’s overall approach is a sustainable and healthy business for all parties involved. It is ‘mutually beneficial’ at its core.


DK Company’s root system is the anchor of our business. An integral and sophisticated web of suppliers whom we rely on to manufacture and deliver quality goods connected to the market’s demand for timeliness and consistency.

In order to obtain a competitive advantage in the market, it is crucial to maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers. The longer we’ve been doing business together, the more organized and efficient our root system becomes.


Our employees are the backbone of our business and our brands. They function similarly to the stem and leaves of a flower – providing support and the structure necessary to allow the business to flourish and achieve its greatest potential.

We believe in growing our employees, granting them accountability and the power they need to thrive, and offer mentoring programs to ensure they’re continually developing themselves intellectually, mentally and even physically.

We also like to throw the occasional rockin’ party to let loose!


There will always be elements involved that may result in a flower leafing out but never producing its buds and blossoms. This is why every part of the process must work together in order to adapt to its environment.

If our root system is functioning correctly and the stem is strong enough to support the overall structure – our company and our brands will grow into beautiful, healthy blossoms. We understand that the temperature of the market demands thoughtfulness and flexibility in our approach.

Which is the exact reason we’ve developed a multi-brand strategy. With currently twenty brands in our portfolio, we’re able to attract more customers and consumers and weather the harsh elements of the economy.


Our customers and consumers are the single most important factor in keeping our business alive and thriving. They are the ‘pollination’ that feeds our company and helps us reproduce.

The value we’re able to offer to our customers and consumers is built on high quality, consistent best practices, reliable partnerships and affordable fashion for all. We’re able to measure our success through these relationships and continually maintain healthy turnover and sell-through.

Relationships to the market don’t always occur as organically as the relationship between a bee and a flower. That is why DK Company attends to our business as carefully as we do. Because, when it’s nourished properly, the result is much like a Blossoming Flower.