Trust and credibility are built over many years but can be lost in a single moment.
At DK Company we value the fact that all operations of our company are characterized by honesty, transparency and integrity.
We are committed to responsible business conduct and do our utmost to conduct our business according to high ethical standards and to act with integrity in all matters related to our business.
Our position and policy are informed by the international guidelines on corruption, such as UN Convention Against Corruption and the OECD Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct

Our Policy applies to and is mandatory for all DK Company employees in different positions and locations, consultants and/or advisors acting on behalf of or representing DK Company.
All business carried out with or on behalf of DK Company should always be conducted in accordance with
our Policy, applicable laws and regulations in the country of business.

As a Business partner (e.g. Supplier) to DK Company A/S, you are to read and comprehend the content
of our policy and commit to comply accordingly in all business with our company.

Zero Tolerance:

DK Company has a Zero-tolerance policy on Corruption and Bribery.
• We do not accept nor use Corruption or Bribery in order to offer or obtain financial or unjustified advantages or opportunities.
• No form of corruption, extortion, kickbacks, facilitation payments, or bribery must be offered, received, or promised.
• Our employees are permitted to receive presents, meals or alike only, if within a reasonable amount and can be justified to the level of business w. the giver concerned.
In case of any doubts, employee is to contact DKC manager of related department for further guidance.
• At all times our employees are to avoid involvement in activities or agreements, which are - or may be - a conflict of interest and compromise with our integrity.
• We respect international and national competition law regarding pricing, customer handling and competition”
All our business partners and relevant employees are made aware of our Anti Corruption Policy, and we provide the information and training necessary to understand and comply with it.
New employees are informed of our Policy during recruitment process.

Any attempt to unlawfully influence our business partners or our employees will be investigated and lead to the appropriate consequences.


This statement was approved by the Parent Company DK Company A/S and relates to all the companies in the DK Company Group.