Cream benefits given to retailers

Cream is a women’s fashion brand with an international as well as feminine edge. It is Danish fashion design for girls with a strong personality expressed through her wardrobe.
Cream is trendy high quality clothing, with a perfect fit.

Cream´s design is a romantic boheme style that is very feminine. This is casual layered fashion where the parts can be mixed from the different collection. The color of honey varies from season to season. Generally, the focus is on dusty pastels.

Design is Cream’s passion! You will always see a plethora of details. Embroidery, stones and sequins are used in combinations with beautiful lace, ruffles and pleats. In a fashion world where things change constantly, Cream stick to its own unique design DNA.

Cream is a DK Company brand. The organization emphasizes flexible cooperation with its retail customers. Stores are guaranteed monthly deliveries. This means that the stores get the opportunity to introduce new styles on a regular basis which attracts a constant flow of turnover. The brand has a flexible box-size set up and offers flexible terms of orders.