Our goals in more responsible materials

• By 2022 we will source all our styles with minimum 50% cotton content, as more responsible. (e.g. Organic cotton, better Cotton and recycled cotton)
• By 2025 we will source 100% of our viscose from more responsible alternatives.(e.g. Eco Vero and FSC® certified materials)
• By 2025 we will source 50% of our polyester from more responsible alternatives. (e.g. recycled polyester)

• By 2021 will 100% of our apparel leather products be sourced from tanneries with a minimum of Bronze level according to LWG (Leather Working Group)
• By 2021 we will source 100% of our down in line with industry best practise. (e.g. RDS Responsible Down Standard)
• By 2025 we will source 100% of our wool in line with industry best practise. (e.g. RWS Responsible Wool Standard)

• Our paper and carboard boxes are Recycled or FSC® certified materials.
• Our poly- and master bags are recycled plastic.

We have identified the materials we use in our garments and categorised these according to five colour codes.
Black is for materials we have chosen not to use.
Grey is a box for newly invented materials. These materials are still under development, and availability can be a challenge.
Red are for materials that we still use but want to reduce because it has a negative effect on the environment.
This includes traditionally produced fabrics such as polyamide, acrylic and conventional cotton.
Yellow are materials that are produced in a better way than conventional fibers.
Green are materials that are produced in an environmentally responsible matter, such as organic or recycled polyester.

- Read more about our materials in the material guide:



We have a set of chemical restriction based on which we test our garments before they go to the shop.
We test for any chemical that may be harmful to the health of our customers, our enviroment or the workers who produce the garment.